The War of the Universal Login

OpenIDBeginning of December last year, the war of the universal login heated up considerably with the simultaneous launch of Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect. Soon after, MySpace joined the party with MySpaceID.

Google Friend Connect is about making it easy to add basic social features to a site with the help of Google Gadgets and OpenSocial apps. Login is possible via a Google account, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID.

On a Facebook Connect enabled site, users can login via their Facebook account, connect with friends on the site, invite friends and publish status updates back to Facebook.

MySpaceID offers similar services as Facebook, but builds on the open standards OpenID, OAuth and OpenSocial. They have also partnered with Friend Connect, to make it easy to add OpenSocial apps to a site.

Of the three, Google and MySpace are considered more open and friendly, as they support OpenID for example, whereas Facebook is considered proprietary and evil. Sadly enough the evil side is destined to win this war, due to its exceptional growth rate and simplicity for users. Hopefully there's still a hope for OpenID and that the good guys will win in the end.

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