February Highlights II: Cloud Computing, Social Gaming and the Social Cloud

Here are the past week's most interesting posts:

  • Reaching for the Sky Through The Compute CloudsAlex Iskold
    Alex makes a brief comparison of cloud computing vs. LAMP, and lists a few scalability issues with the LAMP approach. He does not mention any potential problems with cloud computing other than occasional outages.
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  • Tom Coates: Web of DataRichard MacManus
    Tom Coates gives a presentation at Webstock and talks about a "web of data", which is where "data sources and services are the center of the Web, rather than pages." Examples are Twitter and Flickr. He recommends opening up your data, the main reason is a "network effect", new services can build on the data.
  • Game On: Zynga and SGN Battle For Social Gaming DevelopersErick Schonfeld
    Social gaming networks are growing. The benefit for a developer to join a network is increased visibility of their application. The Social Gaming Network, SGN, provides an API for their gaming hub, where developers can add their games and leverage the "gaming graph".
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  • Crude Android Prototypes UnveiledDaniel Langendorf
    Pictures of early prototypes of Android mobile phones, mostly circuit boards, displays and solder.
  • Study: 6% of People Online Contribute 50% of Display Ad ClicksMarshall Kirkpatrick
    Further, they have a low income and are "more likely to visit auctions, gambling, and career services sites."
  • The Social CloudKevin Marks
    Kevin Marks has a video up of an interesting presentation he gave at the recent Geneva LIFT conference. A few quotes from the presentation:

    The Social Graph API puts this cloud around finding me and finding my public friends on the web. That means we can assume that that is there and it is abstracted that stuff away, which means we can assume that these public connections that we have already asserted and made on the web, can be discovered and can be reused in other places.

    ... OpenSocial, that puts a cloud around social networking sites, and the details of friends, the details of people, the details of the actions they do and data you store.

    So by the concept of a cloud, he means that something just works, and we, as developers or users, do not have to think about the details of the implementation or how it works. From a developer's point of view, OpenSocial enables the concept of a Social Cloud.
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